Frequently Asked Questions

   1. How can I participate in Paralympic Schools Week (PSW)?

Participating in Paralympic Schools Week is as simple as signing up at, and choosing the way in which you would like to get involved.

For more information, please check out our PSW User Manual

 2. What are prize packs, and how does my class win one?

Your class can win a prize pack simply by participating in Paralympic Schools Week activities, and submitting the correct material to the schools week team. We are offering three different prize packs, correlating with the three ways students can participate in Paralympic Schools Week (1 – Get ACTIVE, 2 – Inspire BRILLIANCE, and 3 – CELEBRATE). For a full explanation of activity guidelines, see the Paralympic Schools Week Guidelines section of this user manual, or online at Schools who demonstrate their participation in Paralympic Schools Week are eligible to win prize packs up until April 10, 2017.

For more information- PSW2017 Guidelines

3. Are all schools entered the chance to win an athlete appearance just by registering?

Yes, just by registering your school for PSW, you will be entered for the chance at a free athlete appearance. Your school will be contacted in the near future if you have won an appearance.

4. Is there a cost to Paralympic Schools Week?

No, Paralympic Schools Week is completely free. The offered resources (like the Canadian Paralympic Fundamentals Resource, Activity plans etc.) are free and available on the website.

5. Do I have to participate in all 3 activities?

No, please select one activity that your class would like to participate in. You can participate in more than one activity.

6. Are there non-media related options for my school to participate in?

Yes, we understand there are barriers around photos and media within schools, so in each activity, there are non-media options for the class to partake in. Some examples can be writing testimonials about the activities, drawing the activity, etc.