Éric Bussière

Éric Bussière


Noted for his quick decision-making and ball play on court, BC3 player Éric Bussière is dedicated to success in his craft. Introduced to boccia in 2011, he has excelled in the sport, making the national team only two years later.



Bussière points to the BC3 pair’s win 10-2 win over the United States at the Boccia Americas Pairs and Team competition at the 2015 Défi Sport as the highlight of his career.


Alongside Paul Gauthier and Kevin Shaw, Bussière displayed confidence and consistency, helping lead the pair to an event qualification for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. In addition, Bussière won an individual silver medal at the World Open in Povoa, Portugal in 2016.



Bussière enjoyes adapted sailing, good food and traveling. Always willing to try something new, Bussière is constantly challenging himself, whether it’s trying a unique dish or an alternative strategy on the court. In sport, he appreciates the opportunity to visit new places and difference people during away competitions.