Connect Someone To Parasport

"Just do it. If you make the decision to get involved as an athlete or a family, just go for it 100%; just because you have a disability, don't let it stop you.

— Lee Marcoux, mother of visually impaired skier, Mac.

Healthcare Provider

As a healthcare provider, you are well positioned to play a key role in educating and encouraging clients and patients to try parasport. Changing Minds, Changing Lives is a free professional development presentation which will give you and your colleagues a chance to learn more about the benefits of parasport participation and information on how to 'Get Involved'.

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Participation in parasport has educational and social benefits for all students. Bringing parasport into the classroom and gymnasium provides an enriching experience about the Paralympic Movement and the greater social issues of inclusion and diversity. Petro Canada’s Paralympic School’s Program provides online resources and activities for you to draw on to support many of your subjects, including physical activity, literature, geography, and mathematics.

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Family Member of a Friend

You can also play a key role in getting your loved ones off the sidelines and onto the playing field. This can take shape in a variety of ways:

  • by playing a parasport with them;
  • by helping locate a local parasport club or program near them; or
  • by encouraging and supporting them during their parasport activities.