Christine Gauthier

Christine Gauthier


Christine Gauthier is a five-time para-canoe world champion in the K1 200 metre LTA. She started para-canoe in 2008 as an outing with her sisters after suffering injuries during her military service. Gauthier was in the regular force field artillery for 10 years.

While training on an obstacle course in 1989 she jumped into a deep hole and had a bad landing. The resulting injuries to her knees, hips, neck and back have required many surgeries so far.

Her condition is degenerative and she hopes that with access to medical resources and the help of her coach she will be in the hunt for gold at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, when para-canoe makes its debut at the Games program.


Five-time world champion


Also plays sledge hockey, cross-country sit ski and hand cycles as cross training for paddling. She also enjoys riding her three-wheel motorcycle.


2016 World Championships KL2 200-m 5th

2015 World Championships KL2 200-m 6th

2014 World Championships K1 200-m 2nd

2014 World Championships V1 200-m 3rd

2013 World Championships K1 200-m 1st

2013 World Championships V1 200-m 2nd

2012 World Championships K1 200-m 1st

2011 World Championships K1 200-m 1st

2010 World Championships K1 200-m 1st

2009 World Championships K1 200-m 1st


Games Sport Event Result
2016 Rio Paralympics Paracanoe KL2 - 200m - Women 4