Changing minds, changing lives

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Changing Minds, Changing Lives (CMCL), presented by Pfizer Canada, is a program that educates healthcare professionals, educators andpost-secondary students in related fields, as well as communityand recreation groups on the benefits of sport and how to help their clients get involved.

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Since it was launched in 2005, the CPC has delivered CMCL seminars to over 3000 healthcare professionals across Canada.

Co-ordinators across Canada deliver workshops in healthcare centres, schools including University/collegescommunities, sportand recreation centres. Workshops often include presentations by a Paralympic Athlete or local athlete with a physical disability on the important role sport has played in their lives. There is also the opportunity to try the adaptive equipment used in para-sport, as well as find out about resources to help persons with a physical disability learn more about sport and where to get involved.

This professional development seminar works with key influencers and frontline service providers to support them in realizing the potential that resides within all Canadians with a disability.

Only 3% of canadians with a disability are
involved in organized sport

Source: 2001 statistics canada participation and activity limitation survey

To book a free presentation or FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:

Jenny Davey, Manager, System Development and Education

CMCL is active in every province and territory.  To arrange a CMCL workshop in your healthcare centre or community, contact your local provincial co-ordinator:

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