Mary Benson

Mary has always participated in many sports and is an all around athlete. Growing up in the Prairies, she played broomball and road hockey with friends. Her ringette team competed at the provincial and national level, and she was a member of the Manitoba Provincial Team as well. Mary was also the captain of her ice hockey team in Winnipeg. She moved to BC in 1986. In BC, she played fast pitch softball on the Breakers Team, B-league, and won a bronze medal at the first Gay Games in 1990 in Vancouver. She also loves cycling, backpacking, and kayaking which allows her to truly embrace her love of nature. 

Mary Benson began skiing in 2005 when she attended a six week learn to ski program for people with disabilities. At first she was terrified and only agreed to watch the other participants try. However, she overcame her fear and ever since then she has been competing in Para-Nordic events. It was after her first real stride, and subsequent fall, that she truly felt alive on her skis and that she had found herself in sport again.  When she is on her skis, she feels free and enjoys being in the mountains.

Mary lives by the motto “Anything is Possible! Never give up!” and believes that you should live without regrets. She truly enjoys meeting new people and will strike up a conversation with anyone regardless of what language they speak, she will find a way to communicate with them.  Mary is the youngest of a family of nine and is happily married to her partner Kathy.