Paul Tingley

Paul Tingley will be competing in London at his fourth Paralympics, after winning a gold medal in the 2.4m event at the 2008 Games in Beijing and a bronze in the Sonar class at Sydney in 2000. He was seventh in the Sonar Class in the 2004 Athens Paralympics.

Tingley featured in the Canadian Paralympic Committee’s Super Athletes campaign and is nicknamed “The Gambler” because he is compelled to take risks few sailors dare attempt. He grew up in a sports-obsessed family, started sailing at age 10 and racing at 25. In 1994 a skiing accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. In 1998, a friend suggested he move to Victoria to sail with the disabled team and try out for the Sydney Paralympics.

Tingley returned to Halifax in 2005 and has raced the one-person boat, 2.4 mR, ever since. Tingley is considered one of the top solo competitors in the world, even among able-bodied sailors. He says, "Going into my fourth Games, the excitement and challenge does not dissipate at all. The Canadian trials were tough, but they set you up to rival against the best in the world with the high hopes of winning gold again!”


2008 Beijing ParalympicsSailing 1-person keelboat (2.4mR)gold
2000 Sydney ParalympicsSailing 3-person keelboat (Sonar)bronze


Games Sport Event Result
2012 London Paralympics Sailing 1-person keelboat (2.4mR) 5
2008 Beijing Paralympics Sailing 1-person keelboat (2.4mR) 1
2004 Athens Paralympics Sailing 3-person keelboat (Sonar) 7
2000 Sydney Paralympics Sailing 3-person keelboat (Sonar) 3