Sylvie Ruth Morel

Sylvie Morel has the distinction of being the first-ever Canadian athlete to fence in a wheelchair.

Morel competed at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, finishing ninth in epée and 11th in foil. The 12-year national team veteran enjoys the sport so much that she opened a fencing school in her region to inspire a new generation of athletes to give it a try. Morel has been the Pan Am Champion in epée since 1999. At the London 2012 Paralympics, she will compete in epée only.

Morel was introduced to wheelchair sports by her physiotherapist and originally started in wheelchair basketball before switching to fencing in 1997. Morel believes that one needs to keep in shape at any age, because a sound mind in a sound body takes us far in life and in sports.

Morel’s goal is to improve her international ranking to top five in the world (she is currently in the top 15) and to win a medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.


Games Sport Event Result
2012 London Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Epee - Individual - Women Cat. A 12
2000 Sydney Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Epee - Women 10
2000 Sydney Paralympics Wheelchair Fencing Foil - Women 11